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Tony Tillman 'The Tillman' MP3 EP

There’s some things about the cover artwork that you didn’t know. We took to liberty to make the cover symbolic to the “Tony Tillman” brand. See I love y’all so much, that I’m going to answer some questions that you didn’t ask. Questions like “Why is the project named ‘The Tillman EP?’” or “Why is there a huge rip in the middle of the design?” How about this one, “Why is only half of the background green … Why didn’t they just make the whole thing green?” Well, this is where I would have said “I’m glad you asked” but you didn’t …. Hahaha.

As some of you know, I once was known by the stage name “Brothatone” but then decided to change it to “Tony Tillman” (more on that some other time). I named the project “The Tillman EP” because:

1) It’s different from anything I’ve ever done as Brothatone. I have features and collaborations that I’ve never thought of having and the overall process was done in a collaborative effort from the songwriting and production, to the photography and designing the EP artwork. Normally i’d just do it all myself.

2) There’s 6 tracks and each track has it’s own individual personality, and collectively has a brand new sound than what people are accustomed to hearing from me.

If you notice, the theme for the cover is paper, or a “page.” Sometimes life is experienced in what we call “chapters” and “pages.” We say things like, “that was just a chapter in my life” or “I’m turning the page on that part of my life.” For me, it represents my craft and artistic work.

There are so many times in the past when I wanted to “close the book,” but this is ministry … you can’t close the book on ministry, but you can turn the page. The only problem with turning pages is that you can alway go back and waste time reading old chapters, and that’s why the rip is on the artwork. Instead of turning the page, I’ve ripped it out of the book. Sure, God did some awesome things with that part of the ministry He gave me, but that chapter is over for me. There’s a lot of experiences from that chapter of my life that I wish I could just forget and I don’t want to waste time on the “what was” and the “what could have been,” so I’ve decided to rip them out of the book. So the rip represents a tearing away of something old (Brothatone) and the revealing of something new (Tony Tillman).

However, I’m still the same person, just more mature with experiences that I’ve learned from. That’s why the second picture has the same posture but with a change of clothes. And as you can see, the background on the second picture is a bright green color. For you experts on the symbolism of colors, green represents life, energy, newness, strength, and plenty of other things. When you download this project, you will hear a newness of life and energy shrouded by the message of hope in Jesus. But only part of the new image is showing, and that’s because there’s only six songs on this EP.

‘The Tillman EP’ is just a peek into the things that are going to come in my future, if God is willing. So now you know it’s not just a dope design, but a dope design with the intention to communicate a deeper message. -Written by Tony Tillman

Track Listing:
01. Tailored (feat. Beckah Shae)
02. Hourglass (feat. Tedashii, Chad Jones)
03. Psycho (feat. Canon)
04. Heaven Acoustic (feat. Out of the Dust)
05. Heaven (feat. Sho Baraka, Jordan Love)
06. Tillman

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