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PRo - 'Redemption' CD

PRo's first record, Black Out, was intended to bring people together but had a lot of pride attached to it along with a wrong worldview. Next came debates on whether or not PRo was even a Christian rapper to begin with. 
While PRo was in Memphis he became part of a community group that helped him grow and re-shape his worldview by using Biblical truth. During this time PRo was writing songs but soon stopped because he felt as though he was not accurately representing the name of Jesus Christ. PRo kept working and growing closer to God by constantly being challenged by his community, and then came Redemption.
The Production on Redemption is well balanced and very engaging. The listener will be hit with instant energy at times, and at other times feel their hearts moved by the passion in the music. The album is full of synths, guitars, strings, hard drums, 808s and more. There are several solid producers on the project such as PRo, Docwatson, T-Dogg, K-Drama, D Free, Big Juice, Marv4Mobeats, and Battle Axe.
Track Listing
1. God
2. Hold Me Down
3. Clear the Air (feat. Lecrae)
4. Know You (feat. Rick Trotter)
5. Low
6. Aye You
7. In the Club (feat. Conviction)
8. This Cage
9. Merked
10. Not Guilty
11. Bout Dat
12. Power to Die (feat. Brothatone)
13. Fight Musik
14. On it (feat. Conviction, Canon)
15. All I Know
16. Depend on You (feat. Chris Davis)
17. Slave to You
18. Blow My Mind (feat. Roslyn Welch) [Bonus Track]
19. Who I Be (feat. Canon) [Bonus Track]
20. Murder Swag  [Bonus Track]

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